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Rob Roozeboom is one of the most impressive youth communicators I have met. His life story is told from a powerful perspective that holds teenagers and adults spellbound. He is disarmingly honest and his passion and ability to communicate touches the hearts of all who hear him. Rob's story and his clear presentation of the gospel are a unique and powerful tool for reaching teens. I recommend him without reservation.

Ken Davis
Ken Davis Productions
Comedian, Speaker

"I have known Rob personally for about 12 years. He has influenced my life more than he will ever know. I have heard him speak many times, including at our own Summer Convention. He inspires me - with tears and with laughter, and speaks with his heart. Rob is a gifted and talented speaker."

Adrie Groeneweg
Pizza Ranch Inc.

Rob Roozeboom is one of the most effective spokesman for those served by the Muscular Dystrophy Association to ever appear on the national broadcast of our Telethon. His inspiring and enlightening words have given hope and courage to those for whom the Telethon exists, and moved viewers nationwide to respond to the show's appeal for help.

The Late Robert Ross
Muscular Dystrophy Association

Rob's presentation was one of the most touching and powerful stories I have heard. Our students were tuned in to every word he spoke and his program will be long remembered by our entire student body.

Randy Peters
MMC Middle School

Don't let his youthfulness fool you. There is more wisdom and knowledge packed into Rob than most of us will collect in a lifetime.

Marvin Rhodes
KPTV Oregon's 12
Program Director

Rise on the Road

Simply put, ROTR changed my life. The first trip I took was during the summer of '09. We were working in Orange City, IA doing all sorts of jobs ranging from delivering furniture to those in need to cleaning an elderly woman's house for her. During the trip I met countless people that were completely on fire for God and truly lived their lives solely for Him. At the time, I was a freshman in high school and realized I had been living a very wishy-washy walk with God. Even months after the trip, the spiritual high didn't leave. The lessons I learned and the people I met stuck with me for years, which led me to take my second trip the summer of 2012 to Joplin, MO. Once again, I met some absolutely amazing people and got to spend some time with the amazing Rise staff. Before the trip I had been stressing myself out with scholarship applications and decisions on what college to attend. The trip put everything in perspective for me by allowing me to help people who had many more troubles that not receiving a scholarship. Lots of time in group prayer and active serving helped changed my entire outlook on life. Mission work has become a source of joy and passion in my life. I owe most of that to the way God is working with Rise on the Road.

Briana Roegiers
ROTR Joplin Participant

The summer of 2012 was my second trip with the RISE ministries program called Rise on the Road (ROTR). My mom and brother had already been on two mission trips with RISE, and every time they returned from one I was bombarded with multiple stories about how I missed out on the great times and amazing worship services. I would just ignore most of their stories, because it seemed like a “had to be there,” moment. In 2011, I was finally convinced to go to a Rise on the road that was going to occur in Joplin, Missouri. As the time to leave for Joplin neared, I became nervous and wondered what I was in store for. The long trip down there was… well…long, and when we finally got to the town I wondered why the news made such a big deal about this “Gigantic destroyer” of a tornado. Just then, I saw it. For literally miles everything was torn to shreds and destroyed. Getting out of the car, the heat hit me. I felt as if I was melting right onto the sidewalk, and I began to think to myself, what did I get myself into??? For the next few days I made amazing new friends, worked in the hot blazing sun, and, of course, grew closer to God. I left with memories that I would live with forever. In 2012, my group decided to go down to Joplin again. I was as excited as ever to go again. Once again I made new friends, but I was also able to meet up with some from last year. The group I was in actually got to help build a garage one of the days we helped. Countless times, I heard the local residents thank us for just being there, even when they had no idea what our group was doing. Their stories were touching, and made me more thankful for everything I have in my life. Going on the mission trips have been one of the greatest choices I have made thus far in my life. THANK YOU RISE MINISTRIES FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO! YOU ARE TRULY MIRACLE WORKERS! GOD BLESS YOU!

Nathan Flaherty
ROTR Joplin Participant

Going to the Dominican Republic these last two years has been a great experience for me. It has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone for a time, meet new people, and serve people living in a culture that is very different from my own. It was nice to be able to only go down for a week or so because it was not a huge commitment for me during the summer. However, each time when the day came to return home it felt like it was far to short a time to have spent there. Even in the short times I have been there though I have come to see many differences and similarities between my lifestyle and the lifestyles of the people I interacted with while there. Some of the differences made me begin to think about what I regard as important in life. Seeing how laid back and calm the people there seem compared to myself and the people I live around has made me consider how my life might be different if I was not always on the go, already chasing the “American Dream,” and instead invested more in relationships with others. I cannot know the full extent of the effect these trips have had on me, but I do know that in the midst of a busy summer they were great pockets of time that forced me to slow down and ponder life for a while. I also learned I will jump at any chance I get to return for a time and that I would love to see how more of God’s people live in many other cultures differing from my own.

Scott Van Ravenswaay
ROTR Dominican Republic Participant

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