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ROTR 2016 Locations

Dominican Republic: June 24- July 1

Washington DC || Together 2016: July 16

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Imagine It

High school students from around the area coming together to live out Jesus’ command to love one another through selflessly serving others alongside their favorite bands, extreme athletes, and speakers in a community that desperately needs help. Wouldn’t that be something worth being involved in?

Our Vision

Rise on the Road is a week-long service/mission trip designed to give high-school age students the opportunity to serve others.
Through this ministry, the people of the community will not only be shown the love of Christ, but it also gives students a unique and safe environment to discover and utilize their own strengths and gifts. Rise on the Road will also provide students with the opportunity to ignite and develop their personal relationships with God, empowering them to “reach up” and then “reach out.”

Work, Worship, Witness

Work – students are given an opportunity to work through clean-up, painting, small construction projects, etc.
Worship – each night students come together to worship and dig deeper in their spiritual life
Witness – here students learn how to reach out to an entire community by helping put together a free worship outreach for each community served by ROTR, and by building relationships with those they get to serve.

What does the Week Look Like?

RISE will partner with YOUR community, sending our team of students to you for a week of service and love, ending in a community wide event to celebrate community healing. This event will feature a speaker and Christian artist who will have served alongside the community and volunteers the entire week.

Students will have the opportunity to serve on different projects throughout the week depending upon the needs of each particular community (disaster cleanup, painting, small construction, etc.).  By the end of the week students have had the opportunity to serve, worship together, build relationships, and grow spiritually.

What Can YOU Do to Help?

In order to keep expenses low for the students serving we need YOU and your local church! This partnership is of the utmost importance to Rise on the Road. We ask for your partnership, along with other churches in the community, in order to provide meals/lodging for the students as part of their ministry experience. This will give participants a firsthand opportunity to get to know somebody in the community.


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ROTR By The Numbers

Since 2008

  • 2 countries
  • 6 states
  • 19 outreach events
  • 27 communities
  • 94 nights of worship and small groups
  • 114 projects
  • 764 participants
  • 5,000 people heard a message of hope
  • 17,236 volunteer hours of labor and service

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