Enjoying the Journey Episode 30: Taylor Turkington

On episode 30 of “Enjoying the Journey” (WOAH 30 episodes!!!????) we are so excited to chat with our new friend, Taylor Turkington, founder of BibleEquipping! Taylor has a passion for training and supporting Bible teachers so they are able to serve even better equipped in the Scriptures. She launched BibleEquipping to continue the work she had been doing for more than a decade training women to study and teach the Bible, and to do it with people she loved. Today she enjoys teaching, leading, and coaching she gets to do through BibleEquipping. Still, she continues dreaming and praying for new ways to equip women to serve the Church.

Previously, Taylor launched and directed the Women’s Training Network for The Gospel Coalition and co-founded The Verity Fellowship for Western Seminary. Her experience includes living overseas, training women internationally, and working in the local church. Taylor has an MA and Doctor of Ministry from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her family.

Listen in to hear Taylor and Rob talk about the mission of BibleEquipping. Whether you are just learning to read the Bible or have attended seminary, they have designed content to serve you in your next steps of studying and teaching the Word. “It is our heart that you would feel humbly “equipped for every good work” to speak the truth of the Scriptures to others with competence and joy.” Rob and Taylor also discuss her experience living with constant chronic pain, and the role that plays in her life and faith. We’re so glad you’re with us!!!

Listen to the episode here.