Etch your mark in history at RiseFest!

RISE Ministries has a big dream— 25,001 people gathered on the RiseFest grounds worshipping Jesus and bringing hope to our community!

Why 25,001? A couple years ago, Rob Roozeboom, the founder of RISE Ministries and RiseFest discovered that in 1924 a record was made in Sheldon, Iowa for the largest gathering with 25,000 people. But the day was marked by division, prejudice, and fear. So, a dream was born and Rob started imagining 25,001 people on the RiseFest grounds lifting their voices worshipping Jesus.

Almost 100 years later, our goal is to break the record of the largest gathering in Sheldon, Iowa at RiseFest 2024!

RiseFest 2024 Update

RiseFest 2024 was the best one yet! Our goal was to reach 25,001 and when the dust settled we had 23,970 festival goers join us June 7-8, 2024! Although we didn’t officially break the record we did set a new one with nearly 24,000 people worshipping Jesus!! Which was always the real goal!!