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We're so excited to chat with Taylor Turkington, founder of BibleEquipping, an organization that equips women to study and teach the Bible.
Rob got to speak at Spirit Lake United Methodist Church.
We were so blessed to hear Jon Gordon speak in Sheldon a few months ago and even more excited to have him as a guest on Enjoying the Journey!
Our staff and RiseFest 2021 lead volunteers got together on the Harvest Stage.
We're honored to be joined by our new friend, Tom Miyashiro, Chief Evangelism Officer of Faith 2 Faith Ministries!
Village Independence Day Celebration on the RiseFest grounds!
We're thrilled to be joined by our friend, York Moore, National Evangelist for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA.
Today we're excited to be joined by our good friend, Mark Young, founder of “Missionary and Servants of Yahweh" (M.A.S.Y.)!
Rob got to give a recap of RiseFest 2021 at the SCDC Luncheon!
RiseFest 2021 was AWESOME!